I think most of us in our part of the world is familiar with the kambing soup. Yum, yum!

When I was visiting one of the SMCI (Student Movement for Christ) centers in the Philippines, my experienced driver saw these near the path of our big van....... and someone said 'don't run over the kambings!'. And that was when I learnt - eh, you mean, in the Filipino language (Tagalog or Cebuano?) you also called these guys kambings? Ok, that's easy to remember!

Well, we won't make them into soup any time yet, but we sure will snap some cute pics with them!



C - O - C - O - N - U - T

I am normally not a fan of the humble coconut. But in the Philippines, accosted by the buko pie, who can resist? Here's free advertisement for Sheila's Buko Pie, and I even carried a whole pie home - Yup, I chose the pie instead of the worms for the flight, and it survived very well.

It also survived a day in my fridge at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I first met the buko pie waaaay back in the year 2002 - when I was presented with a few during a welcome feast in Dumaguete, Philippines.Now, even if you don't like coconut, the buko pie in the Philippines will really tempt you to eat one slice. And then another. And then... you wish you have plenty more room for this ang sarap dessert!


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