What Is A Copyright?

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tenforty © 2007-2008

I own the copyright for all content (including the articles, writing and images) on this blog.

I wrote the articles, and I photographed the majority (99%) of the photographs published. A small number of photos are attributed to my friends, meaning people I know personally, travel with, and meet regularly, and who have willingly shared their photographs with me; NOT 'friends' as in the masses that are added as 'friends' on Facebook or Myspace.

A creative commons licence is NOT granted for any of the content on this blog. Please do not reproduce any content found in this blog anywhere else without permission being expressedly asked for and granted.

A link from your site to any of the posts is permissible. However, hotlinking to any of the photographs is not allowed.

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For more information on copyrights, please read this article:
What Is A Copyright?

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