Shopping In Cairo

I was busy on my laptop as usual last night and listening at the same time to the news which was on the TV right next to me (come to think of it, I should replace my TV with the radio), and I heard about the little bomb which went off in a busy market in Cairo. Huh, how come these things are happening again in Egypt.

These things shake up my family members a lot more than they shook me up. They're always wondering... WHY do you go to the Philippines, WHY do you go to Indonesia, WHY do you go to Israel and Egypt and all the dangerous countries... WHY can't you go to a safe place like... like... er, hmm, after 9-11, what is a safe place anyway? Singapore?

When we were in Cairo and after a long, hard day of climbing the pyramids and trying to keep up with the tour guide who kept shouting
'Isis!' every now and then, we still had energy left to go shopping by ourselves. As long as my legs were not openly rebelling, I don't say no to an extra expedition. Why stay in the hotel room, why not see the city, and check out the shops?

On our first night, we didn't go very far, because there was a shopping mall just around the corner from our hotel. A group of us took a cool ten-minute walk after dinner, and after comparing the arabic words scribbled on a piece of paper with the arabic words in bright red lights on the building to make sure THAT was the one, we went in, and found ourselves in the supermaket. And then we looked at the shops.The next day, we were back from the tour really early and had to go looking for lunch ourselves. Many of our group had lunch in the hotel, but again, an intrepid bunch of us decided to go out. Let's try the Egyptian version of Mcdonalds, and the hotel taxis took us to a mall which we thought was very far away but really it wasn't that far. We had our Mcdonalds. Biggest burgers we had ever seen, and I couldn't eat dinner after that.After that, again, some window shopping. A few of our group went back early because they were 'bored'. We were bored too, but we thought we would be even more bored if we returned to the hotel.The big adventure that night resulted from a simple decision to walk back to the Grand Pyramids Hotel, instead of taking cabs. Except for a 14-year-old boy, we had no other strong men with us. (Hey, it was a shopping trip, you know, what men would come with us??)

During that one-hour plus walk, I felt several times like I was parading along the streets without any clothes on. Even though none of us were sleeveless or were in short shirts or shorts (it was quite cold and we were dressed properly, really!) we still attracted the stares and the wolf whistles and lewd calls every now and then along the streets. Yeeeeeeks!

It's good to learn how to dress properly in Egypt. Like this.

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  • fortuitous faery
    Sun Mar 01, 10:19:00 am  

    why was the tour guide shouting "isis" in particular? is it supposed to keep you all going? hehe.

    do you think their mcdonald's burgers are bigger than american burgers? after all, the americans invented the supersized burger meals. hehe.

    if people only wanted to travel to "safe" places, they should just stay at home. i mean, where's the sense of adventure in that? :)

  • Deb
    Fri Mar 06, 04:54:00 pm  

    Yes, Isis was our 'group' name. Dunno about American burgers cos the last time I was in the States was perhaps 12 years ago, but I guess you're right. Nothing can beat the size of Americans. Burgers, I mean. ;)

  • Port Douglas hotels
    Tue Jan 12, 08:19:00 pm  

    I'm also like you, My mother is worried about my travels, just like when I've travel to Qatar, Korea, and Japan. I really enjoying going to other places. Thanks for sharing your adventure in Cairo.


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