A Wormy Visit

One of my big reasons for heading for the Philippines was to visit the worm farm. I've heard so much about that for the past year... and getting increasingly curious about those so-called friendly, hardworking worms who are helping farmers to grow extra big cucumbers, longer string beans and bigger leafy veggies!

And so I finally got there. Oooh, the worms! Again, today, I am not talking about delicious food like grilled chicken, or seafood. It's about worms. And the vegetables. And vegetables are not delicious food.

I was expecting some foul smell to come from the worm beds - after all, these little fellars were eating decomposing vegetation, right? But... I was told, the smell was only for the first few days, and the beds were covered anyway. Now that these worm beds were a few weeks old, there was absolutely no smelly decomposition at all. In fact, the farm was sweet smelling all around.

And these worms are really hardworking and nice fellars. They looked just like the earthworms I once dissected in Biology class. Hmmm.... shall I wrap you up in tissue and smuggle you home in my handbag as samples...
On second thoughts, I dont need squishy worms in my bag! Besides, assuming you guys are hardy enough to survive the flight (you fly in worm class which is equivalent to the overhead luggage compartment!), what do I feed you with when I get home?!

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